Go Green for Earth Day with BCA

Go Green for Earth Day with BCA


In support of Earth Day, BCA IT Services would like to share with you 5 Ways to Practice going green to help protect and preserve our environment. We feel being environmentally responsible is a commitment that we should all aspire to and we do this by promoting virtual and remote solutions that help protect the environment reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption and costs. Our commitment to being green carries on to helping others practice environmental IT.

5 Ways to Practice Green IT:

  1. Purchase low-power, energy-efficient hardware, such as peripherals, that are Energy Star rated or CPUs with Intel vPro processors
  2. Cut down on power use by eliminating screen savers and leveraging the power-saving features of your operating system
  3. Talk to your software vendor to determine the power-saving capabilities of the operating systems you have deployed and, when looking to upgrade, put “power-saving capabilities” on your criteria list — or contact BCA
  4. When you’re ready to update your desktop PCs or servers, be sure to visit www.bcainc.com to see how desktops, notebooks and monitors from a variety of vendors rank in terms of their environmental and performance attributes
  5. Practice responsible recycling of e-waste to ensure that the toxic materials in electronics equipment don’t contaminate groundwater, release pollutants into the air or harm employees. We can recommend electronic recycling vendors.

More reasons to go green

While the environmental reasons for going green may be obvious, you can also realize significant cost savings by practicing green IT:

  • Reduce energy costs by purchasing energy-efficient hardware
  • Practice PC power management to save even more on energy costs – 30% to 60%!
  • Further reduce energy costs through virtualization
  • Increase IT efficiencies by reducing hardware strain

BCA is pleased to do our part to support environmental issues. To learn more about how you can protect our environment by practicing green IT, please make sure to contact us.

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