So You Think You Are Sales Tax Exempt?

Reduce non-taxed transaction audit risk with exemption certificate management for Sage ERP.

Do you believe that being a non-retailer exempts you from owing sales tax? If you do, and an auditor finds out that you don’t charge sales tax, you’re likely to be in for a painful audit. Often, companies that don’t collect and remit sales tax have rigorous rules to follow for compliance. In fact, one of the riskiest and hardest parts of the entire transactional tax compliance process is the collection, maintenance, and management of exemption certificates.

It’s old news that states are experiencing huge money deficits and are scrambling to find new sources of revenue. What many businesses don’t realize is that states are hiring more and more auditors to recoup lost tax revenue. That means there’s increased scrutiny in your ability to be compliant, and businesses who deal in exemption certificates are much more attractive to an auditor due to the higher amount of negative findings in the audit of a non-taxable transaction than a taxable transaction.

Avalara, trusted tax partner of BCA, can help you protect your business from an expensive, time consuming audit by automating exemption certificate management. Avalara CertCapture for Sage ERP automates the process and ensures you’re fully compliant when the auditor comes knocking.

Exemption certificate software enables you to:

  • Increase speed and ease of certificate collection.
  • Improve validity of certificates submitted by customers.
  • Decrease billing errors for non-taxed transactions because your ERP knows who is exempt.
  • Reduce non-taxed audit risk.
  • Raise staff productivity by automating manual certificate processes.
  • Improve exempt customer purchase experience.

To learn more about how you can ensure compliance, manage your database, and be prepared in the case of an audit, join BCA for the live complimentary webinar “10 Benefits of Automating the Exemption Certificate Lifecycle for Distributors.”

Webinar details:

10 Benefits of Automating the Exemption Certificate Lifecycle for Distributors

Date: Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Time: 11am ET


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