EDI: An Important Part of Your Long Term Strategy?

For suppliers, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is often thought of as an annoyance—something that their “big box” customers force on them. If the supplier does not comply, they face consequences such as chargebacks or even the end of a trading partner relationship. It is vital however, to focus on the big-picture strategy of your business when making decisions about your EDI system. A cheap, quick fix may smooth over chargebacks at first, but you risk overlooking the capabilities of a fully integrated system.

A solid and well-planned-out EDI system leads to the following benefits:

  1. Reduced cost in terms of paper and postage, as well as streamlined inventory and shipping
  2. A reduction in direct labor costs
  3. Improved customer service, as EDI provides a quick and efficient response to customer needs
  4. More reliable information that is exchanged more efficiently within your company
  5. A competitive advantage—simply, you gain an advantage over your non-EDI competitors

Becoming EDI compliant can be seen as an opportunity to improve your business in several ways. Contact us today to learn more about EDI and how to integrate it into your ERP solution.

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