Top Ten Reasons to Go Paperless

Top Ten Reasons to Go Paperless


There are so many reasons you should consider going paperless. Storing paper documents and moving them around in your organization is expensive and time-consuming. There’s a better way to manage your business processes.

In honor of our upcoming webinar, we wanted to share with you what we think are some of the main incentives for you to look into integrated document management. Don’t miss the full presentation on February 18th where we’ll go through each of the reasons in more detail and show you some product examples.

  1. Save on Document Storage Costs: We have found that companies are spending a lot of money to print, file and store paper documents either in their office or at an off-site storage facility. One such company ended up saving $85,000 on off-site storage fees alone when they moved to an electronic filing system.
  2. Easily Search & Find Documents: One thing that makes paper documents so challenging to work with, is the fact that they are so easily misplaced, buried or lost. Electronic documents can be instantly retrieved from your computer by way of a powerful search engine.
  3. Improve Productivity: When you make the move to go paperless, you’ll find that the hours upon hours that you used to spend filing, copying, searching for documents, or walking documents to someone’s desk can be used in much more effective ways. You can handle the rest of your workload quickly and efficiently.
  4. Better Tracking & Auditing: In a paper world, documents waiting for approvals are probably sitting on someone’s desk or inbox. Or even worse – they may be in the mail heading to a remote office where the approver works. Whatever the case, employees are not empowered to quickly act on documents that need approval and there’s no effective way to manage upcoming deadlines. A paperless solution will come with sophisticated reporting capabilities and plenty of options for approving documents from wherever they are.
  5. Minimize Data Entry: Document management solutions that are integrated with your accounting system will leverage the keystrokes that are part of your normal process and enable you to re-purpose data to make those documents searchable.
  6. Remote Document Access: More and more employees are able to accomplish all their work from home or on the road these days. A document management system will allow users and approvers to search and retrieve documents from a mobile device. They can also complete approvals and make notes on a document before moving it along to the next step in the workflow.
  7. Added Document Security: With document management you have the option to track each document and assign privileges to
every individual who reads these documents. You have the capability to
provide proof to customers, clients or auditors of a chain of custody from
cradle to grave.
  8. Grow Without Adding Headcount: Maybe your company has reached the pivotal moment where the workload has become unmanageable for the staff you currently have, so your options are to hire additional staff or streamline processes. Of course, we always recommend streamlining instead, and going paperless is definitely an effective way to do that.
  9. Going Green: A paperless document management system minimizes your carbon footprint and helps the environment.
  10. Make Life Easier: Systems like Sage ERP Document Management have the capability of automation to simply processes. Users can focus on tasks of greater importance and be more productive overall.

Stay tuned for part two or mark your calendars for our February 18th webinar to learn more. CLICK HERE to register.

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