Preparing Your Business for Coronavirus

Preparing Your Business for Coronavirus


As the Coronavirus continues to evolve, we have prepared a game plan to help keep you and your team productive through periods of potential remote work and business disruption.

  1. Communication & Collaboration Apps
    • Microsoft Teams
      With Teams you can collaborate using group chats, 1on1 chats, screen sharing, video/voice chat, file sharing and virtual white boards. Use this link to login. (Only available if you are on Office 365.)
    • Slack
      Slack is an excellent group chat and 1on1 chat app. We think Microsoft Teams is more powerful because you get video/voice chat and screen sharing, but Slack is a very good option if you are not on Office 365. Use this link to login.
    • Zoom
      Zoom is a super easy and inexpensive way to meet with multiple people from outside your company. You can collaborate with screen sharing, video/voice chat and draw on the screen. Check out zoom here. (You can technically do the same with Microsoft Teams, but Zoom is easier to use.)
  2. Email Access
    • Office 365 Webmail
      Access your Outlook Mail, Contacts or Calendars from outside the office in any browser using this link.
    • Office 365 Outlook Full Install
      Install full Office 2019 and Outlook at home by:

      • Logging into Webmail
      • Click the Menu icon in the top left
      • Click "Office 365"
      • Click Install Office
      • Run the installer and follow the instructions
  3. Remote Access
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
      The traditional way to access your server share drives is using a VPN. If your company is still on the traditional file servers you can access all your files using VPNs and mapped network drives.
    • Remote Desktop Server (RDS)
      If your company has an RDS server setup, you can login to a virtual server-based desktop and access all your company apps and files.

If you need any further assistance in preparing your business, please do not hesitate to call us at