15 Tech Tips That You Can Use Every Day

Modern technology is great, but it can be even better if you learn how to use it to its full potential. The top 15 tech tips described in this article are guaranteed to take your productivity to the next level, and you can use them every day regardless of whether you’re working on an important presentation or casually browsing the internet.

Is it time to reduce office hours?

Employees work more hours than ever, and it's starting to have an impact on their well-being. It's up to human resources managers to work with companies to curb this trend, especially given impending changes to overtime pay laws. Consider using a survey or reviewing data in your employee management software to gauge how your staff feel about their current hours and workload.

Commute time affects employee performance

Human resources departments face a lot of questions in the hiring and onboarding process. Strategic human resources management requires that you pay attention to any factors that may have a negative impact on productivity. For instance, one element many companies don't consider is the effects of a long commute on employee retention.

Unique Benefit Idea

Workplace benefits are often some of the top reasons workers choose to stay at a company. Health insurance, paid time off and sick days rank high on that list, but there are a number of other relatively cost-effective benefits employers could offer. In fact, according to the Society of Human Resources Management, 35 percent of HR staff said their employers had increased benefits offered between 2014 and 2015.These advantages could also operate as employee engagement ideas.

SEO 101: Building an online presence

SEO 101: Building an online presence

Over the past few years, technology has taken the business world by storm. With so many people using search engines to find answers, products, and local service providers, you really are missing out if you’ve failed to establish a business website. As more and more business owners jump into the website game, the scramble for the search engines’ prime spots becomes more fiercer than ever.

Why businesses should opt for Sage CRM

However good you are at running your business, you’ll not get very far without a steady stream of customers. So you need to look after them. One of the factors that differentiates good companies from great ones is customer relationship management, commonly known as CRM. Over the past few years, thanks to the huge growth in online reviews and social media, customers’ expectations have changed, meaning people now have more power and businesses need to adapt accordingly to respond to customer demand.