The construction industry has fully embraced digitalization, and modern construction companies utilize technology to complete challenging projects on time and on budget, all without sacrificing quality.

As such, each and every modern construction company needs an experienced technology partner who understands the IT needs of everyone from office-bound workers to those out in the field.

At BCA, we offer our managed IT services to construction companies throughout the Miami, Orlando, and Tampa areas, helping them thrive and achieve their business goals.

BCA’s Managed IT Services Position Construction Companies for Success

To succeed in the construction industry these days, companies need to take advantage of every opportunity to gain competitive advantage. Here are some of the ways our services can help:

If you’re interested in partnering with a professional IT service provider that offers comprehensive services to meet all your IT needs, don’t hesitate and schedule a consultation with BCA.


Access to IT expertise

Finding IT talent has never been more difficult, especially for smaller companies with limited budgets. Managed IT services make it possible for construction companies to leverage the economies of scale and access to top experts without paying top price.


Fully managed cybersecurity

Long gone are the days when cybercriminals focused only on the largest enterprises in the world and companies in sectors where highly sensitive data is processed in large quantities. Today, even smaller construction companies must see cybersecurity as one of their priorities, and our fully managed cybersecurity services allow you to rest assured, knowing you’re protected using best-in-class solutions.


Backup and disaster recovery

The last thing you want is to lose all electronic files right in the middle of an important project. At BCA, we can help you implement a bullet-proof data backup and recovery approach so that you can quickly get back on your feet even after experiencing extensive data loss caused by anything from an unfortunate user error to a natural disaster.


Supporting software

Engineers, architects, construction managers, and individual contractors can all benefit from well-picked supporting software applications, such as cloud-based collaboration tools. A provider of managed IT services that’s familiar with how construction companies operate can proactively suggest software that’s guaranteed to have the biggest positive impact on your productivity.


Infrastructure maintenance

Even state-of-the-art technology solutions are next to useless unless they work without any issues. Our managed IT services include 24x7x365 IT support and monitoring to keep unexpected technology hiccups from slowing you down and preventing you from doing what you do best.


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