Law firms are exposed to more cyber threats than ever before. There has been a sharp increase in legal and law practices being hacked and experiencing data breaches. This increase has a lot to do with the fact that law firms are relying on more line-of-business applications and IT technologies than ever before, and they don’t always have the resources, experience, and time to manage them properly.

Since going back to paper-based processes isn’t an option, law firms need to find a way to leverage the right technology for their practice while protecting sensitive data against data breaches. The solution? Managed IT services for the legal industry.

Take Advantage of BCA’s Managed IT Services

BCA has over 30 years of experience with helping law firms in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa implement the IT solutions they need to rise above their competition.

As cybersecurity experts, we deeply understand that poorly implemented and maintained line-of-business applications can become entry points for cybercriminals and their increasingly sophisticated malware. We also know that law firms are required to comply with the government regulations for data security, many of which impose steep fines for non-compliance.

Our managed IT services have been designed from the ground up to address these and other concerns and offer your law firm the following benefits:

To take advantage of these and other benefits of managed IT services, contact us at BCA to schedule a free consultation.


Predictable cost structure

Thanks to our flat-fee cost structure, you don’t need to worry about billable hours since you always know exactly how much you’ll have to pay.


24×7 support and monitoring

IT issues can happen at any time, which is why we provide around-the-clock support and constant network monitoring, allowing us to address issues as soon as possible.


Guaranteed business continuity

Data is critical to your law firm, and we can help you avoid costly data loss by proactively backing up all important files to multiple secure locations.


Trusted cloud computing services

The benefits of cloud computing include increased efficiency, lower costs, improved collaboration, and enhanced security, and we can help you transition your existing on-premises infrastructure to the cloud without disrupting your practice.


Access to the latest tools

Your legal team has a lot on its place. Fortunately, there are many tools that can enhance your productivity by helping you collaborate better and work smarter, including cloud-based suites of office applications and services like Microsoft 365.


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