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The manufacturing and distribution industries are at important crossroads, and they have two options where to go. They can either stick to established processes and work routines or embrace data-driven automation to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety, just to name a few benefits.

For this to happen, manufacturing and distribution companies must successfully integrate operational and information technology without losing focus on their most important business goals. BCA understands the unique challenges of manufacturers and distributors, providing managed IT services that are guaranteed to give you the edge over the competition.

Around-the-clock IT support services capable of promptly resolving any IT issues you may encounter.

Predictable spending thanks out flat-fee payment model that eliminates surprise expenses and hidden fees.

Increased productivity through smart technology investments capable of enhancing business processes and driving further innovation.

Enhanced protection against all cyber threats and data loss caused by ransomware, employee negligence, human errors, and other reasons.

Cost-consolidation through our strategic partnerships with leading ERP software providers and other technology vendors.

Is your Manufacturing company facing any of these challenges?

We provide manufacturing companies with expert IT support.

Our proactive IT management ensures robust cybersecurity, safeguarding manufacturing systems against cyber threats through continuous monitoring, advanced anti-virus management, and regular updates.

We leverage automated and intelligent technologies to improve quality control processes, reduce manual errors and enhance productivity.

Our proactive service and on-site maintenance ensure systems are consistently operational, reducing downtime and increasing reliability.

We provide comprehensive disaster recovery strategies, ensuring rapid recovery and minimal disruption in case of hardware failure or other crises.

We assist in integrating legacy systems with new technologies, offering strategic planning, system deployment, and ensuring secure, efficient operations

Get Ready for the Industry 4.0 Era

The fourth industrial revolution, also referred to as Industry 4.0, is often defined as the application of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, cyber-physical systems (CPS), and cognitive computing in the manufacturing and distribution industries.

Manufacturing and distribution companies of all sizes are betting on technology to help them successfully overcome all current and future challenges.

Those who fail in the race for technology supremacy are the perfect candidates for extinction because their ability to compete with other players in their industry will be severely limited.

With BCA’s managed IT services, you can maintain the competitive edge necessary to ensure ongoing success and, at the same time, keep your costs under control by replacing CapEx-heavy infrastructure with OpEx-friendly cloud solutions.

Managed IT Services for Manufacturing Companies

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are equipped to guide and support manufacturers through their digital transformation, helping integrate advanced technologies like IIoT, automation, and cloud computing into your operations.

We provide access to a wide pool of technical expertise, reducing your need to hire and train specialized IT staff, thereby addressing labor shortages effectively.

We offer IT solutions that optimize your supply chain, providing better visibility, efficiency, and resilience against disruptions through advanced analytics and cloud-based tools.

We will ensure compliance with industry standards and manage risks through continuous monitoring, regular compliance checks, and a proactive approach to IT security and data protection.

Absolutely, our services are designed to be scalable, supporting your growth and expansion needs with flexible IT solutions that adapt to changing demands and business scales.

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We at BCA know that technology investments are notoriously difficult to plan for manufacturing and distribution companies because there are a lot of unknowns that require expert-level knowledge and in-depth analysis.

Using our vast experience and expertise, we will optimize the value of your information technology infrastructure so that you can operate at peak performance and successfully compete in the global market. Contact us and let us become your trusted technology partner.

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