Features and Benefits


Protecting your mission-critical data has never been easier. Our solution is business grade, highly secure, easy to use, and fully supported by our IT experts.

Ease of Use

Easy Installation and a Quick Start
Set up is fast and easy, and within moments we’ll be backing up your files automatically. Initial seeding services enable a fast start for large backup sets without tying up available bandwidth.

Automatic Backups
Schedule your backups to happen whenever you want, as frequently as you want. Initiating a backup manually is easy and takes just a couple of clicks.

Off-site Storage
Our redundant data centers on opposite coasts provide you both data protection and scalability. Your data is stored in two compliant data centers: East Coast and West Coast. Each has redundant storage, network connections, power and cooling, as well as biometric security and surveillance.


Military-grade encryption
Your data is safe and secure with Backup. Every file you back up will be encrypted locally using 256-bit AES encryption and an available private encryption key. Additionally, Backup employs SSL technology when sending your data over the Internet, adding a second level of security on open networks.

Robust, Flexible Archiving
With the most robust data-archiving settings available in the industry, you can save your customers’ historical data as long as you need and meet all of their applicable compli¬ance standards.

Business Grade

Native Plugins for Exchange and SQL
The Backup plugins for Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server are perfect for performing live, secure backups according to Microsoft’s best practices. These plugins run seamlessly in the background, so your email and databases remain active and online.

Multiple Revisions
Store an unlimited number of versions of the same file. We’ll default to store 30 days of revisions; you can reset it to any number that suits your business needs. You’ll always be able to go back to a previous version of your file and never again have to worry about accidentally deleting information from a file or overwriting a file by mistake.

Reporting and Notifications
Know that you’re backing up successfully with our logs and reporting. With detailed statistics and information about each file that is backed up or restored, you never have to wonder if your backups really worked.

Manage Local and Offsite Backups
With Backup services local backup feature, you can choose which data will be stored online and which data will be saved to local storage right from our portal, eliminating the need for a separate solution for your local-only backups.

Multiple Computer Support
With our online backup service, you can back up a single computer or server, multiple computers, laptops or even multiple offices, all under one account.

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