Hosted Exchange


Fill all mailbox data, including contacts, calendar and more, stored centrally on our Exchange Servers, Exchange Account users can connect via a variety of devices to view their entire mailbox and seamlessly synchronize across platforms and devices. For example, your staff can use Microsoft Outlook while in the office, an iPhone or a Blackberry handheld while on the road, and Outlook Web Access from home or an Internet café – all without ever having to worry about synchronization of any e-mails, contacts, or appointments. Everything is kept in sync! No other email system can offer you this type of powerful coordination of your information.


BCA’s Hosted Exchange provides you with the number one business email and collaboration application in the world at a fraction of the price involved in setting up and managing an on-premise messaging platform. You can now complete on the same playing field as Fortune 500 companies.

How Hosted Exchange Services Work:

  • Flat monthly fee - No hidden costs
  • Free set up, maintenance and troubleshooting of your Hosted Exchange.
  • 24/7 IT support provided
  • Universal Mail Access
  • Virus Scanning and Protection
  • Email Backup Daily
  • Group Collaboration available

Access – Anywhere, Anytime, from any Device.

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