Digium Switchvox Tutorials

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Digium Phones – Basic Tutorial Introduction

See how to get started using Digium Phones with Switchvox. This tutorial will guide you through how to get started using the D40, D50 and D70 IP Phones from Digium.

Configuring Switchvox with Digium Phones

See how easy it is to configure a Digium Phone with your Switchvox business phone system.

Digium Phone Interface Overview

See an overview of the Digium phone’s line keys, BLFs, and more.

Digium Phone Features Video

See the Phone Features and how to configure these features in Switchvox

Digium Phones Menus and Setting

Get started using the Menus and Settings in the Digium Phones

Built-in Phone Apps

The built-in Switchvox applications for Digium phones allow you to access your parked calls, interactive voicemail, call logs, call queue details, as well as monitor, record and conference calls directly from your desk phone.

Integrated Status Application

Let your co-workers know where and how to reach you with this powerful status app. Your personal call rules can be updated automatically by simply changing your status on the Digium phones or Switchboard.

Managing Call Rules

See how to integrate your Switchvox Call Rules with your Status and the Digium IP Phones.

Contacts Application

See how easy it is to access all of your contacts directly from the Digium phones. With simple search, access to presence and detailed information about your contacts, this will quickly become one of your favorite applications.

Managing Phonebooks with Digium Phones and Switchvox

The Phonebooks in Switchvox can be managed directly from the Digium IP Phones.

Placing and Answering Calls with Digium Phones

See the different ways that you can place and answer calls with the Digium Phones.

Call Control with Digium Phones & Switchvox

See how easily you can place a call on hold, conference calls together, transfer a call, and use other call control options with the Digium IP Phones.

Interactive Voicemail

Easily navigate through your voicemail messages with this application. You can play, rewind, fast forward, and return a call with the touch of a button.

Digium’s IP Phone Call Log

Easily see your missed calls and details about those calls directly from this interactive application.