New Google Hangouts released

The tablet, more specifically Android tablets, offer a wide variety of functions to business users, one of which is the ability to chat or even call other colleagues and customers. One app that enables this is Google Hangouts, which has recently been updated with not only a new look, but also enhanced calling features.

Managing Risk with an ERP Solution

As your company grows, so do the risks of doing business. More employees mean that you can’t watch over every transaction. New markets and expanded product lines mean additional regulations and compliance requirements. To maintain control of the risks that naturally follow growth, you need the audit trails and formal business processes that an ERP solution can deliver.

Cloud ERP Benefits for Businesses

The cloud has gone from a theoretical concept to being so commonplace that it’s a challenge to find a business that doesn’t have at least one cloud service supporting operations. While there is no dearth of cloud solutions, one of the increasingly popular systems is cloud-based ERP. Here we give you an overview of what exactly this is and reveal some great benefits it offers small to medium businesses.

Who needs ERP?

As your company grows, there comes a time when you start to think about replacing your accounting system with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. There are lots of reasons that most growing companies hesitate to make the change, including:

Extra work for employees during the implementation,
The expected cost of the software and services,
Concerns that the system will be hard to use.