Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Managed IT Services

If you’ve been considering partnering with a provider of managed IT services, you’re not alone. According to a Research and Markets forecast, the managed services market size will grow to $257.84 billion by 2022, up from $152.45 in 2017.

The demand for managed IT services is so great because there are so many benefits businesses of all sizes can reap when they decide to outsource their IT needs to a managed services provider (MSP), including controlled and predictable spending, lower costs, access to new technology, faster response time, and the ability to stay focused on core business.

People Are the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity

With digital natives, people who have grown up with technology and are used to being constantly connected, entering the workforce in large numbers, the old mantra that people are cyber security’s weakest link have never been more accurate.

In recent years, the vast majority of data breaches have been caused by human error, and 78 percent of security professionals now believe that negligence among employees for security practices is the biggest threat to endpoint security there is.

How MSPs are supporting clients during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic and the sweeping shutdowns to contain the spread of the virus brought about significant impacts on businesses. Many small companies realized they lacked the resources to rapidly adopt a remote work setup and tapped their IT partners to help address their technology demands. Here’s how managed IT services providers (MSPs) are rising […]

Watch out for this Android malware

Security researchers have discovered a new Android malware called DEFENSOR ID that snuck its way into the Google Play Store. Forensic analysis shows that the malware takes advantage of an Android device’s Accessibility Services to infiltrate the system and cause damage without being detected. To help you avoid this dangerous strain of malware, we’ve compiled […]

Give your home Wi-Fi a boost with wireless repeaters and access points

More and more people are working from home these days, which means a fast, reliable home Wi-Fi connection is more important than ever. If all the Wi-Fi boosting tips you’ve seen on the internet have been to no avail, it’s probably time to take a look at the hardware you’re using. It might be that […]