BCA Food Distribution Management: The Ingredients



Your inventory is an asset on the books. Don’t let it be a liability in your operations!

Optimize your inventory:

  • Minimize stockouts while reducing excess stock
  • Track expiration dates and incorporate data in your picking processes
  • Incorporate landed costs for a truly accurate picture of your profits

Warehouse Management

Your warehouse is not for storing inventory – it’s for moving inventory.

Streamline warehouse operations and keep inventory flowing with WMS:

  • Expedite shipping & receiving with barcode scanning
  • Integrate warehouse data with financials to eliminate time consuming and error prone data entry
  • Gain company-wide visibility into inventory data
  • Customizable dashboards allow for easy graphical access to warehouse KPIs
  • Employee performance reports
  • Store and track items across multiple bin locations

Financial Management

A strong financial package is crucial to any business.

Keep the back office running smoothly with a complete financial management system

  • AR, AP, GL
  • Integrated level 3 secure credit card processing
  • Customizable alerts & workflows to help you make timely, informed decisions

And more!

BCA Food Distribution Software has the recipe for all your financial and operations needs.

But we know that everyone has their own taste. Optional ingredients include:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Sales tax automation including exemption certificate management
  • EDI
  • Mobile Sales
  • CRM
  • Shipping Automation
  • Integrated ecommerce

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