ERP Custom Enhancements and Solutions

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As a Sage Software Gold Development Partner, BCA has source code access and the tools, vision, and talent to develop, test, and deploy solutions that extend the functionality of Sage Software Solutions. BCA understands that every business is unique and some have very specialized needs. Available off–the-shelf, to address these unique needs, are the following solutions:

BCA Enhancement Solutions:

  • Inventory Forecast Report
  • Multiple Sales Orders on a single Invoice
  • Multiple Deposits on a Sales Order
  • Sales Order Customer/Item Last Price History
  • Sales Order Enhanced Security
  • Sales Order Total Weight and Volume
  • Multiple Purchase Orders on a single Receipt of Goods
  • Sales Order Invoice Signature Capture

BCA’s talented team of consultants also provides a wide range of services from design to implementation. Converting to new software can be a significant undertaking; BCA can help you through this process.

BCA Consulting Services:

  • Software Selection
  • Implementation
  • Data Migration
  • Report Creation
  • Custom Development & Engineering
  • Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Technical Services

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