Improve your business communications with enterprise-level telephony systems

Save money by migrating to VoIP and access more functionality and mobility than ever before. Your VoIP system will enable you to increase collaboration and productivity on projects, and it is more reliable than traditional phone systems with better call quality to boot. BCA offers TOTALVoice PBX services, which provide all the VoIP benefits without the high costs and complex setups.

What’s included in our Managed VoIP Services

Whether you operate a single small-office facility with a handful of employees, or a large corporate enterprise with multiple locations and hundreds of users, our VoIP phone system can improve your business communications.


Easy-To-Use Interface

Control every aspect of your VoIP program through a single application.

Extensive Features

Our VoIP platform comes with voicemail-to-email, call screening, audio encryption, auto attendant, and more.

Round-The-Clock Support

TOTALVoice is monitored and maintained 24/7 by our expert technicians.

Advantages of our Managed VoIP Services

Cost Savings

Significantly reduce your telecommunication costs with our all-inclusive, affordable monthly plan

Quick Installation

Our phone system is cloud-based, so installation is quick and seamless and you can start making calls right away

Flexible Options

We offer several payment options and even inexpensive leasing, depending on your needs and budget


We’re a Sangoma Authorized Partner

BCA partners with Sangoma, an industry-leading provider of VoIP phone systems, to deliver powerful communication solutions to our clients. Sangoma offers a wide range of robust call features that will improve your internal communication and customer service while giving you major cost savings.

Sangoma Switchvox Features

Switchvox is more than a phone system — it’s a Unified Communications System that integrates all of your office communications, including phone, fax, chat and web mashups. Switchvox combines the power of many products into one, providing you with more features than proprietary systems that have fewer features.


With voicemail delivered to your inbox or mobile device, you can stay in communication, wherever you are.
See details about all calls in your system. Custom, statistical reports can be scheduled and emailed to you automatically.
A built-in conference bridge allows all of your employees to manage their own conference rooms on demand.
Collaborating over long distances has never been easier or less expensive since video phones are compatible with Switchvox.

With Switchvox, fax is integrated. Meaning, one number can be used for your faxes and your calls. Faxes are delivered directly to your inbox!

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