DocLink, Document Management & Process Automation for Sage ERP

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DocLink for Sage ERP

DocLink by Altec is the Sage-endorsed document management and business process automation solution that enables companies to fully utilize and extend their Sage ERP.

DocLink eliminates your manual processes, automating and streamlining transactions in accounts payable and beyond.

What is DocLink?

DocLink connects people, processes and data to help organizations go paperless, automating workflows and streamlining all your vital business processes… allowing you to manage all your documents, data, and processes in AP, AR, HR, Legal or any department in your organization. You’ll provide increased visibility, control, and enable your staff to be more productive and efficient whether they are working in the office or remote.

Benefits of DocLink

The main benefits of DocLink are cost savings, time savings and process improvements.

  • Cost savings: reduce or eliminate file cabinet & storage costs, printing & form costs, and mailing & courier fees - allows you to do more without adding additional staff.
  • Time savings: streamline processes resulting in decreased cycle times, simplified audits and instant document retrieval
  • Process improvements: users can manage to the exception with sophisticated reporting and auditing capabilities, workflow automation and alerts/notifications

What Does DocLink Do?

  • Secure Document Management – Manage your data better with DocLink - a secure, virtual file cabinet. Track, store (any type file or format), access, search, and send your documents anytime, from anywhere, from any device. Avoid security breach with document access permissions that can be defined at a very granular level – right down to a document’s individual property values.
  • Document Capture – Documents come in different formats and from lots of different sources. Capture documents from Sage simply by electronically printing them to DocLink. DocLink also captures emails, scanned documents, faxes, barcodes, XML files and file uploads from DocLink’s mobile app. And OCR can be used to automate the capture of data from these documents.
  • Workflow and Document Processing – Manage and streamline the review and approval process based on your specific needs for any department, whether in AP, AR, HR, IT, etc.
  • ERP Integration – DocLink connects to the ERP so you can match purchase orders, receivers, vendor invoices for quick reconciliation, streamlining paper matching processes while still making those documents available from within Sage as well. Also, streamline associated processes like the approval and coding of monthly credit card statements and expense reports.
  • Automated Delivery – Schedule and automatically distribute documents to your customers and suppliers. DocLink can even find any supporting documents and include them using the recipients preferred delivery method.
  • Smart Forms – You can create electronic forms for any documents that’s part of your business processes, such as expense reports, new vendor requests, check request, purchase order requisitions, etc. Be able to configure a personalized DocLink UI for collecting data used to process and approve your documents.
  • Mobile Access – Allow your team to securely access, approve, and capture documents instantly on their mobile devices. Searching for documents on a phone or tablet has never been easier.
  • Web Access – Complete web client for all user functionality, from indexing to exporting search results, and everything in between. Give your team the ability to access, approve, manage workflow, etc…no matter where they may be working.

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