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What Type of IT Support Do You Need?

BCA is the top Managed Service Provider in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Dallas

Managed IT Services

I want you to manage all of my IT for a fixed monthly fee.


I'm worried about my cybersecurity and concerned about getting hacked.

Co-Managed IT Services

My in-house IT team is overwhelmed and needs additional resources and support.

Cloud Services

I want to migrate to the cloud and grow my business.

#1 IT Support Services

BCA IT is the leading managed IT support service provider for small to medium sized businesses throughout Central and South Florida. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, BCA is recognized and ranked as the #1 IT support company to call for your business’ technology needs. We offer comprehensive IT network services that include 24/7 managed IT support, cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery, cloud services, and managed VoIP. For a flat monthly fee, we employ a proactive, 24/7 monitoring and maintenance strategy that enhances your technology, productivity, and efficiency.

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BCA eliminated phishing breaches and protected the IT environment resulting in the recovery of



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Leave your technology in the hands of IT
experts to save time and money

Prompt and professional IT support is what makes us stand out from other MSPs. We understand that having your technology working is imperative. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals are ready to meet your needs 24/7 and provide solutions to all your IT issues.
With over 30 years of experience, we not only take pride in successfully and proactively managing our clients’ technology with our team of experts, but we also assist companies in getting to the next level of their business through expert and strategic guidance of their IT operations.
BCA will significantly reduce downtime by implementing proactive maintenance and monitoring services, providing round-the-clock support, and developing a disaster recovery plan. Our team of experts can quickly identify and resolve any technical issues that arise, minimizing the amount of time that systems are offline. In addition, we will ensure that systems are kept up-to-date with the latest software and security updates, reducing the risk of downtime caused by vulnerabilities or compatibility issues.
Our Cybersecurity stack offers a comprehensive suite of advanced solutions to secure and protect your environment. We will implement network security solutions, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption technologies, to keep sensitive information safe from cyber criminals. We will also monitor systems around the clock, detecting and responding to potential threats in real-time. In addition, we will implement backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure that critical data is protected in the event of a disaster or data loss. We also provide training and education for employees on best practices for data security, helping to reduce the risk of human error and accidental data breaches.
BCA will help your business expand to multiple locations by providing centralized IT management and support. We can implement and manage a unified IT infrastructure across multiple locations, reducing the complexity and cost of maintaining separate IT systems in each location. Additionally, we can provide remote monitoring and management services, allowing us to quickly identify and resolve any issues that arise, no matter where the problem occurs. We can ensure that your IT systems are standardized and consistent across all locations, providing a better user experience and reducing the risk of downtime.

Why Choose BCA As Your Trusted IT Service Provider

  • 1

    Fixed monthly fee

    We offer a comprehensive service of unlimited IT support for a predictable, flat monthly fee.

  • 2

    Free consultation

    Our experienced team will consult, research, and offer recommendations for your technology environment at no extra costs.

  • 3

    Increase productivity

    We effectively manage your systems with a proactive approach rather than just responding to your technical issues. Our goal is to avoid downtime as we ensure that your office network, end user systems, and software are up to date, secure, and running efficiently.

  • 4

    Improve security

    An anti-virus or firewall alone is no longer sufficient enough to keep up with advanced threats. Our advanced security platform provides solutions to protect your infrastructure and keep your entire network safe and compliant with industry regulations.

  • 5

    Access to new technology solutions

    As experts in our industry, we are dedicated to providing the latest, cutting edge products and services to meet and exceed your IT needs and help your business achieve greater success.

  • 6

    Team of Experts

    We are a highly skilled team of professionals and each team member is eager to collaborate and work to solve your technical issues.

  • 7

    Vendor management

    We save you time and money, as we are dedicated to managing all your technology, including the managing of software vendors, printer vendors, and internet providers.

  • 8

    Promote scalability

    With BCA and our managed IT services model, you gain a partner who will help you optimize your investment in technology while you focus on the progress and growth of your business.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Our revolutionary managed IT services plan is available for a flat monthly fee. If you’re tired of spending time and money dealing with IT issues and the downtime they cause, choose BCA as your IT support provider and you’ll remember how enjoyable running your business can be.

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ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions

BCA is proud to be a Sage Gold Software Development Partner and one of the top Sage resellers in the Southeast. Our team has the experience and expertise to help with every step of your Sage ERP journey - from installation and training right through to post-sale assistance. Our products and support will help you grow and thrive.

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Focus on your core business activities while we provide you with professional IT support.

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    Managed IT

    Focus on running your business by leaving the IT support to us. We can manage IT services for businesses that staff up to 200 people.

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    BCA offers comprehensive security solutions for your business. From security assessments and malware protection to web protection and content filtering, we will keep you safe.

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    Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Disasters can occur without warning and your data can get lost when this happens. We will back up your data regularly and ensure that the process is always working.

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    Cloud Services

    Save money, increase security, and enjoy convenient access anywhere with cloud services. BCA can create a cloud computing infrastructure that fits your company best.

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    Managed VoIP

    Use a reliable and stable communications network that makes collaboration across the world even easier. We can set up a VoIP network and take care of it for you.

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Improve your business operations with our comprehensive enterprise resource planning tools.

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    Accounting and Finance

    BCA can optimize your accounting and finance operations with Sage 100cloud.

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    Food Distribution Management

    Streamline operations and optimize inventory management with our end-to-end ERP Solution specifically designed for food distribution firms.

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    Business and Resource Management

    We help you make more informed decisions with a centralized business intelligence and reporting system.

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    Manufacturing and Distribution

    Get detailed business insights by connecting your manufacturing and distribution operations to our customized ERP Solution.

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    Human Resources and Payroll

    Gain complete control over your payroll process, recruiting, and employee benefits management with Sage HRMS.

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    Mobile Sales

    Grow sales, exceed customer expectations, and improve your cash flow with a sales management solution.

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    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Establish a positive, consistent experience when customers interact with your company.

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    Custom Enhancements

    BCA has the tools and expertise to develop and deploy solutions that extend the functionality of your ERP software.

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