Real Estate Investment Group recovers 470k with BCA

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A real estate investment company specializing in the purchase and analysis of large volumes of real estate and property owner data faced significant challenges in cybersecurity and data management. The company sought the expertise of BCA to improve IT functionality, cybersecurity, data management, and customer support across all divisions.


  • Cyber Attacks: Company faced significant losses due to targeted phishing attacks, leading to $470k of bank account losses over two months.
  • Data Management: The company needed to improve data, file, and folder curation, ease of access, and ease of use, including migration from Google to a central platform.
  • IT Integration: There was a need to integrate company devices and communications in order to unify security for data, web interface, email, etc.


  • Elimination of Phishing Breaches: Online phishing breaches were virtually eliminated, reducing losses from $470k to $0.
  • Successful Migration: Migration to Microsoft 365 platform was successfully done, enhancing data management.
  • Professional Project Management: BCA IT, Inc. provided dedicated, seasoned staff with quick responsive nature and on-time project response.

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The collaboration between the client and BCA resulted in a fortified cybersecurity framework that not only recovered significant losses but also prevented future financial damages.

From Kenneth on down, the whole organization displays professionalism, consultative client management skills, patience, and focus.

- D.C.
Chief Executive Officer

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