8 tips for boosting online sales this holiday season

In a recent Google survey, 85% of retailers rated the holiday season as the most critical time for their business. Before you open your doors (real or virtual), be sure you’re ready. Following some simple best practices can help ensure a joyous holiday shopping season.

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The danger in your tax rate tables.

A frightening number of businesses use free sales tax calculators and ZIP codes to get sales tax rates for customer addresses. For instance, if you need to know how much sales tax to charge a California customer, you might be inclined to take the ZIP code from their address and use a sales tax calculator […]

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So You Think You Are Sales Tax Exempt?

Reduce non-taxed transaction audit risk with exemption certificate management for Sage ERP. Do you believe that being a non-retailer exempts you from owing sales tax? If you do, and an auditor finds out that you don’t charge sales tax, you’re likely to be in for a painful audit.

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